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I try to teach newbies how to do some Heroics…

I can stand a couple mistakes…but when someone gets bored with it and just ups and leaves…and a DK comes in to take his spot…and he pops his Army of the Dead and just runs into the boss…I am done. 

Fuck you Death Knights

Fuck your Army of the Dead, worst spell ever created

L2P people

Run normal modes…and fucking learn dungeons

FUCKING CROWD CONTROL WHAT I TELL YOU TO. Did you know you can usually CC from, like, 30-40 yards away? You don’t need to pull the group to shackle.

It really isn’t that hard. I’m not going to get mad at you for trying, but don’t make mistakes multiple times, or leave cause it is hard, then come back a month later to try again and subject people to the same bullshit. 

Also, DON’T ROLL DEATH KNIGHTS. Back in my day, the vast number of idiots who played rolled Hunter…What happened? Ohhhhhhh, how I dream at night that WotLK was never created. But alas…

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In the Gnightly Gnews…

'Mofo' is not censored by World of Warcraft's mature language filter that decides to turn itself back on every time I log out then back in. 

I think there have been enough hotfixes between 4.3 and now for this problem to be fixed. I am tired of switching it off every time I log back in.

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What people are thinking depending on their class.


I am going to pop all of my cooldowns.


Lay of hands…bubble…


WHO BROKE CC?! Oh wait it was me…




Teehee shadows.


Hugs and bubbles for everyone of my friends.


I will just use Heroism to kill this.



As if people who main DKs think.

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